Because the General Administration attaches great importance to quality and health control in all departments of the group, the company has established a central laboratory that consists of four sub-laboratories, the Department of Ecology, the Department of Serology and Immunology, the PCR Department, and the Feed Analysis Department, each of which has its own scope and responsibilities, to conduct its control and health.

The laboratory was built in reference to international quality standards and specifications, to meet the technical developments of the poultry industry The latest technologies were employed in this laboratory.

The laboratory conducts the necessary tests to follow up on all our products and ensure their conformity and the conformity of production plants and operations with all conditions and health standards, as well as providing veterinary health supervision to the herds to ensure their health and safety and to ensure the adherence to the practice of care procedures from the farm to the end user, in order to ensure our motto “guaranteed health”.

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