Feedstuffs Factory

The Union for Agricultural Development and Slaughterhouses has 3 feedstuffs factories.

We use imported feed components that are known to be vegetarian and include corn and soy, in addition to important vitamins, mineral salts and nutritional supplements.

Our products are exported from top-notch international companies to ensure that our products are of high-quality.

The ingredients are mixed according to the age group of the chicken provided with these feeds. And the nutritional value (protein, starch, moisture, and ash content) of each batch of feeds has to be confirmed by the NIR device before distributing it to broiler farms and mother’s farms.

In order to ensure that the process is perfected, an agricultural engineer specialized in the physiology of poultry nutrition, supervises the whole process. Thus, ensuring that our broiler chicken and mother chicken are being fed properly to produce the products of the highest quality.

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