Feed Factories

Union for Agricultural Development Slaughtering has two feed factories and a mill, where feed is manufactured using raw materials including yellow corn soybean meal and feed additives (vitamins, mineral salts, amino acids and food supplements) imported from credible international sources in accordance with the international specifications and standards of high quality for producing healthy plant feed free from antibiotics.   

Poultry feed components are mixed according to the age category of the chicken to which these feeds are given. It is necessary to verify the nutrition value (protein content, starch, humidity, ash and energy) in every batch of poultry feed using NIR system before distributing the same to broiler and mother chicken farms, where feed is treated by steam and temperature to ensure that it is pathogen- free, so to guarantee that this process is performed in the best possible manner.

There is an agricultural engineer specialized in physiology who supervises the poultry nutrition process as a whole. Thus, we ensure nutrition of broiler and mother chicken in a suitable and proper manner in order to produce top quality products.

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